Refund & Cancellation Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

Card Payments

Card details must be given to make a booking and a £5 deposit will be taken from the card.

Cancellations can be made 2 hours before booking time, for bookings outside of London the booking time will count as when the driver is scheduled to leave to arrive in time for you.

If a cancellation is made within 30 mins to 2 hours of the booking time then we will charge you 50% of the booking as a cancellation charge.

Cancellations within 30 mins of the booking time will incur the full cost of the journey.

Waiting Time

We do not charge waiting time if your journey commences within the first 15 minutes. If it goes over 15 minutes then we will charge you £10 for 15 minutes of waiting time.

Drivers will wait for 30 mins max with no contact, if you do not arrive within 30 minutes and no contact has been made then you will be charged the full fee for your journey.

Extra Drops

Any unscheduled drops will incur a £10 charge and waiting time will be charged accordingly.

Drivers are not insured to drive your car unless it is organised through the company and this includes extra drops, detours and any other services you may require from us.

If we are late

If our driver is more than 30 minutes late, then you have the right to cancel with no costs incurred. Any discounts because if this will be at the discretion of the controller and will depend on the circumstances.

Hourly Rate jobs

When making a booking you will be charged for a predetermined time. If the journey goes on for longer than planned then we will charge you for the extra time on completion of the job.


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