A scooter and a man

Book your Scooter and man now by calling 07775 218 974 or 07852 410530.

We call this service Let Me Drive others call it a Drive Me Home Service. We are not bothered if you call the service a One For The Road service, a Scooter taxi service or designated driver service, drink drive service or a chauffeur service, just as long as you call us. We offer more than the normal Scooter and a man service. You can find a list of our services below.

What is the Scooter Taxi service

The Scooter taxi service is when we send a driver to you on a scooter (monkeybike), the scooter is then folded and bagged up and then placed in the boot of your car. The man on a scooter (scootertaxi) will then drive you home in your car. You can book this service by requesting the standard service on our Booking page.  The scooter taxi service enables us to cover more jobs with one driver as the Scooter allows the man on a scooter to easily drive around London.

Premium Service (A man without a Scooter)

We do offer this service without a Man on a scooter which is easy in London due to the London transport system allowing easy transport, if you are travelling in or out of London there is no need to worry because we can collect and deliver drivers as and when required. If this designated driver service is required then there will be a slight premium added to the price to compensate as it is slightly more costly than sending you a man with a scooter. The main reasons people will request the designated driver service is if there is no space in the boot of the car that you want for us to Drive U Home, the boot is too small, because of the small size of the bikes we cannot leave them unmanned. If it cannot fit in the boot of the car then we will need to send another driver to Drive U Home. Please check your boot has enough space for the scooter taxi or book the premium service.

More Than A Scooter Taxi Service

Most of our customers think of our company as Scooter Taxi Service in London, we become a replacement for your normal taxi service - instead of taking taxis everywhere customers drive wherever they want to go in their car and use our service as a Scooter Taxi Service. Feel free to call us for our other services, you can use our drivers on a regular basis like a personal driver or a Chauffeur service for a night, a couple of hours to chauffeur you around in your car. We are very flexible with the service we provide and we have many requests for other services

Membership to this service will give you priority bookings for Thursday, Friday and Saturday and it only costs £30 for the year. Also if you successfully invite a friend to join then we will refund your membership back to your account. To book your removal with us call now 07387 360 607, our prices always work out cheaper than getting a cab there and back. 

Services Offered by Let Me Drive

Drive Me Home Service

Drive U Home (Drink and Drive Service)

Garage Collection (Deliver or Collect your car after a Service)

Chauffeur Hire (Provide a Professional driver in smart attire on an hourly/ daily rate)

Prestige Drive U Home service (Driver will be delivered to your car with no need for a bike to go in your boot).

Airport Ferry (Let Me Drive you to the airport in your car and drop it back to your home).

We offer a very flexible service, Let Me Drive is more than a Drink and Drive service and if you have you unusual request please feel free to ask and we will help if we can.