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Thanks for visiting Let Me Drive, a Dial A Driver Service for London.

If you need us to Drive U Home in your car, give us a call now on . We provide drivers to drive you home in your car, daily or weekly chauffeurs. Some of our drivers are on Scooters providing a Scooter Taxi Service and some are on foot providing an executive chauffeur service to get Drive You Home in your own car.

We have some great new deals for customers old and new. You can book a designated driver online

Drink Drive Service

Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you cannot drive your car, you need a designated driver... Let Me Drive can help. We can arrange for Experienced Driver's to be waiting by your car anywhere in London and the surrounding areas at a prearranged time. Then Drive U Home with Fully Comprehensive Insurance or to your destination of your choice. Just like a taxi - but we drive your car. Our designated driver will not always be a Scooter And A Man in London.

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We will offer a 15% discount for your journey by simply following us on one of our social media accounts and letting your friends know that you have used our services. Please let the operator know when booking your journey and they will need to verify this. Feel free to post a pic of your driver driving you home in your car, please click on the appropriate logo. You never know who will benefit by knowing their is a a service to Drive Your Car Home. I hope you enjoy the experience our fun new service and enjoy your journey home. If you have any comments about our service please let us know or share them on our social media pages, we are always looking for ways to improve.

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Drink Drive Service For London

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Our goal and our passion has been to work hard, entertain our customers, making sure our service is just plain fun. We are excited to offer discounts for weekly customers and hope to see you soon – give us a call now on 07852 410 530, or just drop us a line.


"Very happy with the service. Our driver Lewis was bang on time despite a 0200 pick-up on a foggy night in the middle of nowhere! Lewis is clearly a skilled driver and courteous/polite. Would use again and will recommend. Cheers, Ben B, Wandsworth."

"Now that I have used the service I cannot imagine my life without it." -- Rachel Sheringer, Woking