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Car Delivery Drivers

Do you have a large fleet of cars or vans? We can provide Car delivery drivers for your car, not just in London this can be on a national basis and we offer good corporate rates for regular use of car delivery drivers. If you need a car driver or a number of car drivers please give us a call to discuss your requirements, our drivers are experienced and mature. Your vehicle will always be in good hands when one of our car drivers is in control of your car.

Driver Hire

For larger organisations, where the staff need to be out and about and the company expenditure on taxi services is quite high. Using our driver hire service to drive your car can be useful, our Drive Me Home service is a lot cheaper than using return taxis and will cut your bill immediately. Impress your clients by having one of our chauffeurs to drive your employees back from a meeting in their own car. Or whilst entertaining prospective clients you can have one of our car drivers to drive you around in your luxury car and you do not need to worry about drink driving. Don't be a drunk driver call us and have a sober driver, if your employee gets caught drink driving then they will lose their licence - Ensure your staff are not tempted to drink and drive.

Personal Driver

You can hire a driver from us as your personal driver, if you would like the car driver to wear a suit be sure to let us know when booking your chauffeur. If you are happy with the driver and would like to request the same driver next time let us know and we will be happy to assist. If you are looking for more long term permanent personal driver we can organise this for you. When you hire one of our Chauffeurs to drive your car it is a very personal service bacause your car is your personal space and you will feel at home when you are in your car. We understand this so when you think I will let someone drive my car we want to make sure our car driver makes you feel like he is your personal driver. Remember our service is based in London but we can get anywhere in the UK but our prices will consider getting our car driver back to London or leaving London. Please do not negotiate with the driver as this is not allowed, your driver will not be insured and if caught will immediately lose their job and we will seek compensation from you for the loss of staff.

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