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Standard Journey - Under 7 miles

£ 35 

If your journey is under 7 miles then it will cost £35 as this is the minimum charge for our service. This journey must start before 2:00am.


Extra Miles - Before 2:00am

£ 4.50 

If your journey is more than 7 mile then please add the appropriate mileage here.


Under 7 miles - After 2:00am

£ 50 

After 2:00am our service we charge a little extra.


Extra Mileage - After 2:00am

£ 7 

Please select the appropriate amount of mile to add to the fare.


Premium Service - Driver without bike

£ 50 

If you do not want one of our bikes to go into your boot then the minimum charge is £50.


Premium Service - Extra Mileage

£ 7.50 

Please add the appropriate mileage for your premium service.